Thursday, October 4, 2012

RICHEST MAN on Earth - he Controls Presidents, Kings & Rulers

RICHEST MAN on Earth - he Controls Presidents, Kings & Rulers Richest man = NWO = 911, DRUGS, CONTROL = CIA, KGB, MOSSAD, MI6, NSA, FBI, Banks & GOVERNMENTS [192 "Sovereign" States on Earth - controlled by the Oligarchs of Rothschild & Rockefeller that dictate policies of the Central Banks!] Courtesy: Kuhn & Loeb Production Most people do NOT realise that the PRIVATE Bankers of Rothschild & Rockefeller have our PUBLIC Governments "over a Barrel"! The PRIVATE Central Banks control US PUBLIC Government ROTHSCHILD & his forefathers have made Leaders/Kings Weak with their EVIL Banking Practices, "when they fall, the Merchants will Mourn". He is behind Christian & Muslim WARS. He loans money to BOTH Sides. Like IRAN contra IRAQ. MEET the World's REAL RICHEST MAN! He controls "Sovereign" Nations. Without doubt the Most Powerful & Most Evil Man alive today. 6th Generation London Rothschild Banker. He starts WARS then Finances each side of WAR. See "FIAT Currency" Empire. 53% of the Worlds GOLD. Banker for the Vatican. He holds deeds to 80% of the land of ISRAEL from the time of the Arthur Balfour Declaration. [Churchill's Foreign Secretary - Winston Churchill was blackmailed thru his debts!]. Blackmailed President Wilson with a Woman to get us into WW2. Him and his Blood Kin control the World Banks. Got their money by DECEIT - Freemasonry Control! Rockefellers provided HITLER with his Oil during WW2. He provided the only fuel that would fly a plane at the time. They did business ...

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