Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rich Man's World - Immortal Technique

Rich Man's World My Rothschild ni**as... LET'S GET THIS MONEY!... [1st Verse]... I spend my day pairin' America overseas Pension for the workers, nigga please Embezzlement etiquette, private settlement I'm better with confederate rhetoric From my mansion in Connecticut Foreclose, evict hoes out of tenement I twist words like a speech impediment I hope you got good credit, bitch If not, better get a new job with benefits While I play golf with niggas I get cheddar with New money buys brand new carats My old money bought your rich grandparents You got grills in your mouth, I ain't mad at ya I own every goldmine in South Africa Thanks, baby, you made me a billion Plus I own a building for each one of my children's children, that's the shit Snort coke in the whip, Miss USA suckin' my dick Yeah, what! Fuck the law cause real jail is for suckas I go to country club prison, you dumb motherfuckers (I am the 1 percent, fuckin' bitch!) [Hook] You know my CEO, corporate steeze, please Overthrow governments overseas in a breeze Politicians in my pockets for a few hundred Gs So if I'm ever in court, my assets will never freeze [2nd Verse] I got a job and a house and a bank account When I'm out, I doubt that's something you can say And if not then I'll fake death like Kenneth Lay Make money everyday the world burns on its axis While y'all struggling to pay taxes I'm getting my money the fastest Memos and faxes, shredded up documents Slush funds through the corrupt continents But they ...

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