Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10 Life Lessons by the Richest People of all time

Insights from the Richest People of all time (Part I) Learn more: www.amazon.com (If you search for the success "formula", watching the video again pay attention to the words starting with Capitals...) Sponsored by the book "The 130 Insights of Self-made Millionaires" - ATTENTION - This is not like any other success/wealth book. It is like all of them - together - Compact in one! The Millionaire's Cheat Sheet... "a compact step-by-step Manual with every tip in the book" Every success/wealth system out there is built upon just 5 or 10 "keys" each (eg: 7 habits, 1 secret, 17 principles, etc.). Now, imagine having read all the books, programs and seminars ever written on the subject; add years of experience and study of the lives of the most successful people on earth. Then, combine and compact all this distilled wisdom in writing your essential notes on a "cheat sheet", you can always easily refer to, and receive guidance from, throughout your life's quest. The book you hold in your hands is that Cheat Sheet! Here you get the Millionaire Mindset in a nutshell --summed up in 130 Insights on Everyday Habits, Investing, Business, Sales, Communication, Personal Finance, Career, and how to get started. In "130 Insights" you will discover: -The 28 basic Steps for Getting Started (Insights #1-#28) -The 28 Millionaire Habits to keep me going (Insights #29-#56) -The 19-Step Plan to my Financial Freedom (Insights #57-#75) -The 12 Business Building core tips (Insights #76-#87) -The 27 ...

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